Coastal areas of India’s Gujarat state return to normalcy after cyclone

Coastal areas in the Indian state of Gujarat are back to normal after the cyclone<br />

Ahmedabad, June 18 (BNA): About 1,500 villages are still without electricity in the western Indian state of Gujarat, officials said today, Saturday, while coastal areas have recovered from the impact of Cyclone Pebarjoy this week.

Reuters reported that this is short of initial outages in more than 4,600 villages in Saurashtra and Kutch, where the cyclone made landfall on Thursday evening.

Gujarat’s Energy Minister, Mamta Verma, said that electricity was cut off in many villages as a precaution to avoid any serious incidents during the storm.

Heavy rains expected to fall on Saturday continued in the northern regions of the state, causing flooding.

However, ports along the coast including Pipavav Port and Kandla Port said they have resumed operations, while Adani-owned Mundra Port is set to resume operations on Saturday night.

The storm caused extensive damage, especially to the power infrastructure, uprooting thousands of power poles and damaging overhead electric power lines.

“Our teams are working on the ground to restore electricity supply and potable water supply. Damaged roads and other physical infrastructure are also being repaired on a priority basis,” said Kamal Dhyani, Gujarat’s Revenue Minister.

The state government reported that more than 700 homes in the eight coastal districts of Gujarat sustained complete or partial damage.

However, the only deaths on record were of two shepherds who died while trying to prevent their livestock from being washed away during heavy rains and floods, hours before the cyclone made landfall.

Early warnings, accurate identification of vulnerable areas and timely evacuations helped India avoid major casualties. Authorities in India and Pakistan evacuated more than 180,000 people from vulnerable areas as the cyclone approached.


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