Trade of molasses products without digital stamps are not permitted starting from 18 June

Manama, June 12 (BNA): The National Revenue Office confirmed that, as of June 18, the final stage of “molasses” products will be implemented within the digital stamp scheme.

All “molasses” products available for holding, trading, supplying or selling in local markets must contain valid and functional digital stamps as part of their product packaging.

The NBR encourages all importers and traders in the local market to deal with appropriate quantities and avoid stockpiling “molasses” products of hookah tobacco without digital stamps to be cleared before the last phase which comes into force by June 18.

It is prohibited to possess, trade in, supply or sell “molasses” hookah tobacco products without a valid and activated digital seal in the local market.

From this date, any “Hookah Molasses” product in the supply chain that does not contain a valid and activated digital stamp must be returned through the relevant supply chain to either be destroyed or transported for sale outside the territory of Bahrain; This is to ensure effective implementation starting from this date to avoid any violations through inspection efforts or other operations conducted by the NBR, which would require further legal action such as the imposition of administrative penalties or the filing of a criminal case for tax evasion.

The Digital Stamp Scheme aims to track selective goods from the stage of manufacture to the point of consumption through digital stamps, which will protect against the circulation of counterfeit or illegal products.

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This stage comes within a specific time plan that was effective with its first implementation stage on hookah tobacco products “molasses” starting from November 20, 2022, when the system was provided for submitting requests for digital stamps, followed by the second stage. Banning the import of “hookah molasses” products into the Kingdom of Bahrain for customs clearance that do not contain valid and activated digital stamps, as of March 19, 2023.


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