Awali Hospital participates in National Colorectal Cancer Screening Campaign

Manama, Mar. 10 (BNA): Colorectal cancer is a global health issue, more so in Bahrain, where it ranks the commonest in men and second most common cancer in women. To help raise awareness, The Colorectal Cancer Awareness Screening Campaign was initiated on a mission to provide education and develop preventative strategies that would serve the community and the public.


As a committed healthcare provider with a vision to be at the heart of any health initiative, being advocating for quality and excellence in care, Awali Hospital was a pioneer in joining this campaign at its launch.


Consequently, volunteers from the medical, nursing, and allied health staff will be joining their counterparts for the cause to raise awareness of colorectal cancer, emphasising the importance of health promotion in preventing the disease, and highlighting the significance of early detection through screening.


 As a pioneer and advocate for promoting wellbeing and good health in the private health sector, Awali Hospital struck an agreement with Governmental Hospitals to alleviate the burden as well as reaching out to the community in conducting colonoscopy procedures for the campaign.


This collaboration supports the national efforts in combating colorectal cancer and reaching out to the larger population in Bahrain in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Retired Major General Dr. Tariq Hameed, Chief Medical Officer of Awali Hospital, said that the initiative highlighted Awali Hospital’s efforts at being at the forefront in providing comprehensive colorectal cancer care for many years and offering a fully comprehensive care package under one roof, including FIT kits for convenience at-home screening as well as prompt laboratory analysis. This is lead, managed, and delivered by highly qualified and competent consultants readily available to deliver the highest quality of care for their patients.

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Awali hospital vows to carry on with its noble mission in promoting public health, supporting the community, and keeping the fight roaring against the deadliest yet preventable disease through proper screening and follow up care strategies, and committing for excellence which has a positive and significant impact on the Bahraini community.




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