Export Bahrain launches National Exporters Directory to promote made in Bahrain products and services

Manama, June 11 (BNA): Export Bahrain has launched the national exporters database and communication platform “National Exporters Directory”, which is the first reference point of its kind on Bahrain products and services, available on the Export Bahrain website, to display, promote and enhance visibility of products and services made in Bahrain. .

Safaa Sharaf Abdul Khaleq, CEO of Export Bahrain, affirmed her belief in promoting and spreading an export-oriented culture in all segments of society.

The comprehensive database, National Exporters Directory, has been designed by Export Bahrain to allow easy identification of exporting companies based in Bahrain by category, industry, products or services and access to summary information on the companies along with pictures reflecting their products and services.

This innovative solution is in line with Export Bahrain’s mission to increase global awareness of Bahrain’s business capabilities and will have a significant impact on the development of Bahraini corporate clients.

The evidence indicates Export Bahrain’s keenness towards promoting and promoting a more competitive and export-based economy by improving the efficiency and marketing of Bahrain’s exporters.

The National Exporters Directory is a national database and communication platform for showcasing and promoting Made in Bahrain products and services that can be used to assist B2B and B2C deals and other related parties and support institutions to enhance international trade links.

It will cover various sectors of products and services. It will also contain a list of local exporters, their profiles, contact details and product and service portfolios.

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International buyers and manufacturers can also benefit from the directory as it gives them the opportunity to find and source quality goods and services from the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Zainab Matrook, Senior Marketing Officer and Project Head at Export Bahrain, stressed the importance of the National Exporters Directory and indicated the role it will play in increasing production capacity in the Kingdom.

“Building an effective platform of communication and valuable knowledge for manufacturers, exporters, service providers and markets is essential to create a direct path to global markets and buyers,” Matrook said.

We at Export Bahrain are confident that the “Exporters Directory” will greatly benefit local companies and enhance their operations, and the solution will provide Bahrain-based companies with an early foothold in global export markets, putting them in front of many global buyers who are looking to source from The kingdom “.


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