Bahrain ranks first in 5g gaming performance

Manama, Jan. 24 (BNA): Bahrain ranked first in 5G gaming performance across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Middle East during the first half of 2023, according to Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence data.


Game Score, a unique statistic by Ookla, quantifies the gaming experience by considering key network metrics such as download and upload speeds, latency, and jitter. 


Bahrain has outperformed Middle Eastern countries in gaming performance, surpassing a 5G Game Score of 87.64 out of 100. The country’s ultra-fast 5G ensures a smooth multiplayer gaming experience for many players, with speeds up to 413.69 Mbps, along with a low latency of 72 ms.


Bahrain has become a thriving gaming hub by implementing favorable laws and policies, attracting major companies, and fostering a vibrant local gaming community. 


The kingdom’s business-friendly environment, coupled with financial options and access to tech-savvy talent, has enticed global gaming companies while also empowering local businesses.


Due to its youthful population, access to the affordable high-speed internet, and the continuous development of gaming infrastructure, Bahrain presents a great opportunity for growth in the number of active gamers. 


Philip Marnick, TRA’s General Director expressed pride in Bahrain’s recognition as the leader in gaming in the GCC and Middle East, due to the nationwide coverage of high-speed 5G networks.


“Our regulatory regime is pro-competitive, which ensures all Bahraini residents and visitors have access to world-leading 5G services – making it a great place for gamers and innovators.

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Bahrain’s open market, combined with a pro-competitive regulatory regime and government support has encouraged tech companies to set up here – ensuring Bahrain is one of the best places for innovation and business, which benefits us all,” he added.


Mohammed Al Noaimi, Director of Technology and Network Security said Bahrain leverages its advanced networking infrastructure and reputation as a technology hub to gain a competitive edge.


“By capitalising on these advantages, Bahrain attracts companies and entrepreneurs seeking to explore innovative gaming ideas and technologies and transform them into profitable ventures in the region,” Al Noaimi added.






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