Derasat surveys parents’ readiness for students’ return to school


Manama, Sept. 4 (BNA): The Bahrain Centre for Strategic, International and Energy Studies (Derasat) has launched a new survey titled ‘Parents’ Readiness for Students’ Return to School’. 


The survey aimed at gathering the opinions of parents whose children attend primary, middle, and secondary levels in both public and private schools.


It also aimed to identify parents’ key interests and aspirations for the upcoming academic year, in turn enabling teachers and educational staff to better understand the primary needs and challenges faced by parents.

The survey sought to gauge parents’ opinions on various aspects, including the effectiveness of existing psychological support measures for students, students’ academic readiness, their views on academic workload, preferred channels to communicate with parents, measures to address bullying, student preparation requirements for the new academic year, and the desired amount of after-school recreational hours. The survey also covers other relevant topics.


Ahmed Abdul-Hameed Al-Ammadi, Head of Statistical Analysis at Derasat’s Surveys and Opinion Polls Directorate, emphasized that, “The survey’s objective is to comprehend the needs and perspectives of parents as the new academic year approaches.  The survey targets a diverse sample of parents, and once the data is collected, it will be analyzed using advanced statistical techniques. The findings will be presented in a comprehensive report to be released at a later date”.


The centre distributed the survey for around 700 respondents regarding the aforementioned issues. The questionnaire consists of 19 multiple-choice questions covering a wide range of topics. The insights gained from the survey will contribute to the development of policies and systems that enhance students’ educational experience.

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Derasat encourages all parents to take part in this important survey, which can be accessed through the centre’s website and official social media accounts, and is initiated by scanning the QR code displayed there. 



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