Macron, Merkel meet in Paris on world’s crises, EU issues

Paris, September 16 (BNA) French President Emmanuel Macron met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Paris today, Thursday, to discuss international crises and European issues, days before the elections that will determine her successor after 16 years in office.

The meeting comes ahead of the German parliamentary elections on September 26. And Merkel announced that she will not run for a fifth term, according to the Associated Press.

Although Germany will form a new government after the election, Merkel said, “We want to make everything possible on the German side so that there is no deadlock on the necessary decisions that need to be taken.”

In Germany, the outgoing chancellor remains until a new coalition government is formed, which could take weeks or months.

Macron last week met two candidates to succeed her, Armin Laschet of Merkel’s Christian Democrats and Olaf Schulz, who is running for the Social Democrats.

The official said the meetings, at the request of the candidates, allowed Macron to obtain “the most accurate information possible” about the political situation in Germany, and various hypotheses for the future coalition government.

Macron did not meet with Green Party rival Annalina Berbuk.


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