Judge gives UEFA 5 days to acknowledge Super League ruling

Madrid, September 20 (BNA) A Spanish judge gave the European Football Association (UEFA) five days on Monday to confirm his commitment to the court’s ruling and not to punish Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus for their participation in the Premier League.

The three clubs are facing a Champions League ban for refusing to abandon the Premier League draft, which was launched by 12 clubs in April and then collapsed within 48 hours, according to the Associated Press.

UEFA suspended its disciplinary case against the rebellious clubs after a Spanish court ruled in April that they should not be sanctioned by the Swiss-based European Football Association (UEFA) and FIFA.

Their case was also notified by the judge in Madrid to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. The deadline for submitting applications to the court is next month.

Spanish media said the judge wanted UEFA to acknowledge on its website that it recognized the ruling and would abide by it. The judge said that postponing the disciplinary case is not enough.

It was not immediately clear which jurisdiction a judge would have to issue the order to and how enforceable it would be.


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