January warmer than normal in temperatures, above average precipitation

Manama, Feb. 7 (BNA): The month of January was warmer than normal in temperatures and above average in precipitation, according to the Meteorological Directorate of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in its monthly weather summary.

The month had eleven rainy days, and 53.3 mm of rain accumulated at Bahrain International Airport (BIA), and this records as the eighth highest monthly rainfall for the month of January since 1902.

This was more than three times the normal long-term average for January of 18.1mm. The highest amount of precipitation per month was recorded in January 1959, when it reached 135.9 mm.

The highest rainfall day was 19.8 mm which fell on January 5th at Bahrain International Airport. The highest daily average precipitation for the month of January was 49.1 mm which occurred on January 22, 1959.

The total monthly precipitation for January in Hoora A’ali was 72.2 mm, while the total rainfall in the Bahrain International Circuit was 71.0 mm, in the University of Bahrain 70.6 mm, and Durrat Al Bahrain 67.4 mm, in Sitra. The island was 63.6 mm, and at the King Fahd Causeway it was 48.8 mm.

The mean monthly maximum temperature was 20.1°C, 0.6°C below the long-term normal. The highest temperature during the month was 24.4 °C, which occurred on January 17 at Bahrain International Airport, and 24.4 °C on January 31 at the University of Bahrain.

The mean monthly minimum temperature was 15.7°C, which was 1.2°C higher than the long-term normal.

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The temperatures were below average in the period from January 10 to January 12 due to the northwestern winds and clouds that affect the Kingdom these days, and the accompanying showers of rain for some days.

The lowest temperature was 13.4°C on January 12 at Bahrain International Airport, but 11.3°C was recorded on the same night in Durrat Al Bahrain.

The lowest temperature recorded in Bahrain was on January 20, 1964, which was 2.7 degrees Celsius at Bahrain International Airport.

The average relative humidity for January was 71% while the average maximum relative humidity was 82% and the average minimum relative humidity was 60%.

The highest relative humidity was 93% recorded on January 16-17, and the lowest relative humidity was 25% recorded on January 30.

The total hours of sunshine during the month were 176.2 hours. Note that the highest total number of monthly sunshine hours for January was 286.2 hours recorded in 2021.

The average wind speed for January was 9 knots. The prevailing wind was 36% from the northwest direction.

Strong winds reached 32 knots on January 17 at Bahrain International Airport, but recorded 34 knots on the same day at King Fahd Causeway. East to southeast winds accounted for 21% of the observation.


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