Hospital fire in Senegal causes the death of 11 babies

Tiffuan, May 26 (BNA) A fire in a hospital caused the death of 11 children, with mothers breaking out in tears after the tragic loss.

Diyala Kappa and her mother, Ndeyi Absa Joy, were rushed to the hospital where they were cared for two-week-old daughter Kappa, 11 children died.

Gaye said she heard about a fire at Mam Abdo Aziz Si ​​Dabbakh Hospital on Wednesday evening but did not immediately realize that it had occurred inside the neonatal department. The news reached her early Thursday.

The city woke up to the shocking news of the death of 11 children, which was confirmed late Wednesday night by President Macky Sall, Reuters reported.

“We all share the mothers who have experienced the hope that their children will live, but we have to accept God’s will. He gave them children and brought them back. Senegal is in mourning,” said Osman Kane, a local resident. .

Health Minister Abdoulaye Diouf Sar told Senegalese private television station TFM that preliminary investigations indicated that a short circuit had caused the fire. The authorities did not provide any other details about how the disaster occurred.

Public health experts have repeatedly warned that many African hospitals with underfunding and staffing have been exhausted by the COVID pandemic, leaving them unable to maintain acceptable safety standards.

The Tifuan tragedy follows several other incidents in Senegalese hospitals that angered the nation.


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