G7 vows to step up moves to renewable energy, zero carbon

Sapporo, Apr. 16 (BNA): The energy and environment ministers of the Group of Seven rich countries pledged Sunday to work to accelerate the transition towards cleaner and renewable energy, but they did not set a timetable for phasing out coal-fired power plants upon completion. Two days of talks in Sapporo, northern Japan.

The Associated Press (AP) reports that the officials released a 36-page statement outlining their commitments ahead of the G7 summit in Hiroshima in May.

Japan has won the endorsement of G7 nations for its own national strategy that emphasizes so-called clean coal, hydrogen and nuclear power to help ensure its energy security.

“Recognizing the current global energy crisis and economic turmoil, we reaffirm our commitment to accelerating the clean energy transition to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest,” the statement read.

“We invite and will work with other countries to finish new coal-fired power generation projects globally as quickly as possible to accelerate the clean energy transition in a fair way,” the document says.

Leaders reiterated the need to urgently reduce carbon emissions and achieve a “mostly carbon-neutral energy sector” by 2035. They also stressed the importance of ensuring stable supplies of critical minerals, used in many high-tech products, and conforming to high social and social standards . environmental standards.

“I think we were able to prove to the international community that our commitment to climate change and environmental issues is unwavering, even in the context of the situation in Ukraine,” Japanese Environment Minister Akihiro Nishimura said after the talks ended.

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The requirement that countries rely on clean energy “mostly” by 2035 leaves room for continued fossil-fueled energy. But ministers agreed to prioritize steps toward phasing out “relentless” coal power plants that do not use mechanisms to capture emissions and prevent them from escaping into the atmosphere.


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