Emmy ratings up to 7.4 million viewers this year

New York, Sept. 21 (BUS): The Emmys have accomplished what’s become a rarity at award shows these days, by virtually increasing their viewership over previous years.

Nielsen estimated that 7.4 million people watched the Sunday night show, with comedy “Ted Lasso” and streaming service Netflix being the big winners, AP reports.

That’s up from the 6.1 million people who watched a party that was severely curtailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year. In the previous year, 6.9 million people watched the show that celebrates television programming.

CBS estimates that viewership should increase slightly when Nielsen’s number of people who watched outside their homes are included. Those numbers were not immediately available on Monday.

Award shows of all kinds have struggled in ratings for the past couple of years, victims of television’s trend toward broadcasting and viewers deciding what they want to watch and when.

The Emmys’ streaming services were celebrated, with Netflix racking up a record for most singles awards in a single year, helping “The Crown” and “The Queen’s Gambit” come first. The comedy “Ted Lasso” is available on Apple TV+.


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