BBC apologises for ‘Manchester United are rubbish’ headline on ticker

Lundin, May 25 (BNA) The BBC has apologized to viewers after the headline “Manchester United bullshit” appeared on its tape during a TV news broadcast on Tuesday.

The title appeared at the bottom of the screen during a report on the French Open, according to Reuters.

BBC television critic and broadcaster Scott Bryan noticed the error and posted a clip on Twitter that immediately went viral.

BBC presenter Anita McPhee later issued the on-air apology and explained that the title was written when someone was learning how to use the tape.

She said: “Some of you may have noticed something unusual on the tape that runs along the bottom of the screen with the news making a comment about Manchester United. I hope Manchester United fans are not offended by that.”

“Let me just explain what was happening: Behind the scenes someone was practicing learning how to use tape and putting text on tape. So they were writing random things, not seriously, and this comment came up.

“So I apologize if I saw that and was insulted as a Manchester United fan. But it was definitely a mistake and it shouldn’t have been shown on screen.”

United have had a tough season, finishing sixth in the table with 58 points – their lowest level in the Premier League era.

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