Bahrain ranks top among Arab states in ground, port infrastructure: TTDI

Manama, May 27 (BNA): The Kingdom of Bahrain ranked first in the Arab world and second in the Middle East and North Africa region in land infrastructure and ports, according to the Travel and Tourism Development Index issued by the World Economic Forum 2021 (TTDI). .

The report also highlighted the Kingdom’s strong position in other areas, including its 12th rank globally in the business environment.

Among the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Bahrain ranked second in the following areas: Travel and tourism policy. price competitiveness; prioritizing travel and tourism; and demand pressure and impact – measured by the duration of internal stay, the seasonality of international tourist arrivals, attention to cultural and natural factors, and the quality of city and city centers.

Commenting on the index, Dr. Nasser Ali Qaidi, CEO of the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), said: “Bahrain’s ranking in the report is further evidence of the unique offerings in the Bahraini tourism sector. The kingdom is increasingly becoming a more attractive destination for tourists and investors alike. With our new tourism strategy, we look forward to seeing the sector contribute more to the Kingdom’s economic growth.”

Ali Murtada, Director of Business Development, Tourism and Leisure at the Bahrain Economic Development Board, said: “Bahrain’s appreciation for its advanced infrastructure, business environment and travel and tourism policy comes as a result of our efforts in strengthening the public and private sectors. Partnerships and increase our competitiveness to increase the contribution of the tourism sector to the GDP, attract more investment, and create good job opportunities. ”

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The new tourism strategy aims, as part of the economic recovery plan, to increase the sector’s contribution to GDP to 11.4%, attract 14 million tourists by 2026, increase average visitor spending to $198, and increase the average tourist nights to 3.5 days .

Bahrain is ranked 15th among the world’s competitive emerging markets and fifth in terms of business fundamentals, according to the Agility 2022 Logistics Emerging Markets Index.


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