Bahrain hosts international workshop on NAP implementation

Manama, May 2 (BNA): Minister of Oil and Environment, Special Envoy for Climate Affairs, Dr. Muhammad bin Mubarak bin Dinah, stressed the importance of sharing responsibility to achieve climate security and keep pace with global efforts to reduce emissions. Concerted international and national efforts to adapt to climate change and build on previous achievements to ensure a better global environmental future.

This came during the speech of Dr. Bin Dinah in a speech at the opening ceremony of the “National Adaptation Plan Implementation Workshop” hosted by the Kingdom on May 2-3.

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture Wael bin Nasser Al-Mubarak, Chairman of the Electricity and Water Authority Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, in addition to representatives of government and private agencies, United Nations institutions, financial and banking institutions, organizations and scientific centers. He attended the two-day international workshop.

The minister praised the wide participation in the workshop, including more than 150 participants, experts and speakers representing more than 80 countries, who participated in the event in person or remotely.

He pointed out that the workshop shed light on the exchange of knowledge, experiences and lessons learned from policy makers and workers in the field of national adaptation plans, noting that it also reviewed previous successes in adaptation projects, and highlighted best practices in various regions of the country. The world towards transformation to implement adaptation plans and the possibility of establishing partnerships between countries.

He stressed that the international workshop aims to learn about the latest developments, raise ambitions and build on the global goal of adaptation before the next Conference of the Parties, which will be hosted by the UAE, in addition to highlighting climate risks in various sectors. Identifying best practices to face these challenges, providing support, achieving partnerships, accelerating the pace of adaptation projects, and exchanging experiences and views on the latest technologies and procedures for adaptation projects.

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