Bahrain drawn in Group C in AFC U17 qualifiers

Kuala Lumpur, May 24 (BNA) The draw for Bahrain in Group C, along with the host country Oman, Iraq, Qatar and Lebanon, was concluded today, Tuesday, as the qualifiers for the AFC U-17 Cup Bahrain 2023 were completed.

The Asian Football Confederation said Bahrain had already qualified to host the tournament and its results would not be considered during the qualifiers.

According to the federation, the 44 participating teams were divided into 10 central qualifying groups.

Six groups will have four teams, while the other four groups will have five teams. The qualifiers will take place from 1-9 October 2022.

Defending champion Japan, who has won the title three times, was drawn in Group A along with hosts Jordan, Syria, the Philippines and Turkmenistan. The Asian Football Confederation said Group B would include Indonesia, Malaysia, Palestine, Guam and hosts the United Arab Emirates.

The two-time champion Saudi Arabia – which will host Group D – was signed by India, Myanmar, Maldives and Kuwait.

The fifth group will include Yemen, the host country Bangladesh, Singapore and Bhutan, while Vietnam will receive Thailand, China Taipei and Nepal in Group F.

China, winner of the tournament in 1992 and 2004, will have Cambodia, the Northern Mariana Islands, and three-time semi-finalists Australia – the host country – for the company in Group G. Tajikistan, runners-up in 2018, will host Afghanistan and Timor. Leste and Mongolia are in group H.

Iran, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, the host country and Laos were drawn into Group A, while twice-winner South Korea will see matches in Group X hosted by Uzbekistan. Brunei Darussalam and Sri Lanka complete the group.

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The 10 group winners and the top five runner-up teams will join Bahrain for the finals.

Draw results:

Group A: Japan, Jordan (H), Syria, Philippines, Turkmenistan

Group B: Indonesia (H), Malaysia, Palestine, Guam, UAE

Group C: Oman (H), Iraq, Qatar, Lebanon, Bahrain

Group D: India, Saudi Arabia (H), Myanmar, Maldives, Kuwait

Group E: Yemen, Bangladesh (H), Singapore, Bhutan

Group F: Thailand, Vietnam (H), Chinese Taipei, Nepal

Group G: Australia (H), China, Cambodia, Northern Mariana Islands

Group H: Tajikistan (H), Afghanistan, East Timor and Mongolia

Group A: Iran, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan (H), Laos

Group X: South Korea, Brunei Darussalam, Uzbekistan (at home), Sri Lanka

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