1,085 people seek refuge due to Jakarta’s Plumpang fuel depot fire

Jakarta, Mar. 5 (BNA): The Jakarta Provincial Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) said 1,085 people took refuge in some nearby buildings after a fire broke out at a fuel storage depot run by the state energy company Pertamina in Blombang, North Jakarta. .

The fire broke out on Friday at around 8:10 pm WIST.

“The joint officers coordinated by the BPBD provided services to the evacuees,” said Acting Head of Data, Information and Communication Center of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) Abdul Mahari here on Saturday.

1,085 people were evacuated to several locations: 356 people were evacuated in the child-friendly integrated public space Rasella, 258 people were evacuated in the Golkar Walang building, 132 people were evacuated in the North Jakarta office of the Red Cross Indonesia (PMI), and 79 people were evacuated. Evacuated in the village chief south of Rawa Padak, reported the Antara News Agency.

Also, 74 people were evacuated from the North Jakarta Office of Manpower, Transportation and Energy, 63 from the Kurmas Mosque, 63 from the Shulihin Mosque, and 60 from the Al-Muhajireen Mosque.

The joint officers distributed food aid such as mineral water and ready-to-eat foods, as well as non-food aid such as mattresses, blankets, packages for children under the age of five, family parcels, gowns, Muslim prayer clothes, fabrics, clothing packages and children’s clothing.

The BPBD records that many of the things survivors urgently need are mattresses, family tents, blankets, mats, ready-to-eat food, medicine, and clean water.

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According to the BPBD, the fire pit claimed 17 lives, severely injured 49, and caused moderate to two to two people.

The severely and moderately wounded survivors were treated at several hospitals, such as Belabuhan Hospital, Mulia Sari Hospital, Firdaus Hospital, Bikirca Hospital, Togo Koca Regional General Hospital and Koca Regional General Hospital.

Several other medical facilities have also been prepared to provide services to people affected by the fire.

Currently, officers are still searching for 18 missing persons.


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