Sunni, Jaffari endowments to continue registering old endowments

Manama, April 27 (BNA): The Sunni and Jaafari Endowments Boards of Directors affirmed their keenness to develop endowments and achieve their noble goals in a way that preserves them and ensures maximum benefit from them.

In a joint statement, they expressed their pride in the long history of the Islamic endowment in Bahrain, as it embodies one of the aspects of the peoples of Bahrain rooted in the traits of righteousness, benevolence, benevolence and solidarity.

They highlighted the completion of the registration of many old endowment properties after proving the identity of their owners as the legitimate and legal basis for their exploitation.

They stressed that the priority is to continue developing endowments by adopting modern practices, which contributes to increasing their investment returns, ensuring their long-term sustainability, and raising the level of their contribution to social development.

They stressed the need to adhere to the regulatory procedures for registering endowments, foremost of which is that the in-kind property to be donated must be owned by the endowment as a necessary and obligatory legal and religious condition, as well as ensuring that There is no dispute over the property or money gifted.

They emphasized the role and responsibility of the endowment in transferring ownership of the property to the concerned endowment department and recording it in its official records.

The Sunni Endowment Board of Directors affirmed its keenness to continue registering old endowments, based on the record of old Sharia judges, in accordance with the procedures and regulations in force.

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The Jaafari Endowment Board of Directors also expressed its keenness to continue registering old endowments, based on the record of Adnan Al-Musawi, in accordance with the procedures and controls in force.


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