Speaker: Bahrain is keen on making peace strategic option to end conflicts, disputes in the region

Manama, September 20 (BNA) Parliament Speaker Fawzia bint Abdullah Zainal praised the Kingdom of Bahrain’s strong commitment to peace, mercy and coexistence, and the Kingdom’s endeavors to deepen the principles of tolerance and moderation at home and abroad.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives attributed the commitment of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the wise leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, which made the Kingdom a foundation for peace and a fertile environment for coexistence and tolerance among all religions, beliefs and sects, and a distinguished model of social harmony. and Concord.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, in a statement on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, under the slogan “Best Recovery for a Just and Sustainable World”, praised His Majesty’s remarkable efforts in consolidating the policy of openness, coexistence and acceptance of others.

She added that His Majesty’s initiatives represent a milestone in promoting the values ​​of love and harmony and embodying directives to achieve the lofty goals of peace and coexistence, thus contributing to the achievement of the United Nations goals in sustainable development.

Zainal praised the great efforts made by the government headed by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, by setting plans and strategies to enhance Bahrain’s position through noble principles approved by international religions, charters and covenants.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives stressed that the House of Representatives, in cooperation with the government, is harnessing its efforts and capabilities to enhance national gains and achievements, in approving and implementing relevant global agreements and charters, especially those related to strengthening security, stability and peace at the international level.

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She added that the council is also committed to activating the role of parliamentary diplomacy to spread tolerance and coexistence and contribute to establishing peace and agreements within the international community.

Zainal stressed that Bahrain is keen to make peace the strategic option to end conflicts and disputes in the region, support efforts to enhance security, stability, growth and prosperity around the world, intensify efforts towards development and open broader horizons for all, and intensify efforts. Coordinating efforts to confront the dangers and threats related to conflicts, armaments and violence.

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