SIU investigating into inmates’ alleged mistreatment

Manama, May 18 (BNA): The Special Investigation Unit launched an investigation into allegations of mistreatment by members of the General Security of inmates of the Jaw Correction and Rehabilitation Center while they were carrying out their usual duties inside the prisoner cells.

The SIU launched the investigation following a notification from the Public Prosecution Office and the Office of the Ombudsman regarding the allegations of some inmates, who claimed to have been physically ill-treated by the Public Security Forces, within the framework of the SIU’s ongoing cooperation with the Public Security Department. National institutions and mechanisms entrusted with law enforcement and human rights protection.

The SIU said it listened to prisoners’ statements, ordered their examination by the SIU’s forensic examiner, requested inmates’ medical reports, if any, and collected CCTV recordings of the incident.

The Special Investigation Unit assigned its judicial police to investigate the incident to uncover its circumstances, adding that investigations are ongoing.


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