Shura Council to discuss committee’s report on Bahrain-Oman maritime transport agreement

Manama, Feb. 25 (BNA): The Shura Council will hold, tomorrow, the tenth meeting of the first session of the sixth legislative session.

The meeting will discuss the report of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee regarding the draft law ratifying the cooperation agreement in maritime transport and ports signed between the governments of Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman and attached to Decree No. (3). 2023.

In the report, the committee approved the bill in principle.

The agreement aims to regulate the movement of maritime transport and ports between the Kingdom and the Sultanate of Oman, in order to enhance bilateral cooperation in this field and activate all means that facilitate the movement of maritime navigation and enhance trade exchange between the two countries.

The agreement includes rules that guarantee the safety and security of maritime navigation, which will be an incentive to attract regional and international investments to the Kingdom, and facilitate the process of trade exchange between the two brotherly countries.

This agreement also aims to serve the economic interests of the citizens of the two brotherly countries, by providing efficient international maritime transport services, increasing bilateral trade, and ensuring consumer interests by encouraging private maritime transport establishments to provide various services to the public at competitive prices.


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