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Ooredoo is an organization on the move. Thanks to our dedicated employees, we continue to move closer to our vision to be among the top 20 telecom companies in the world by 2020.

We are a dynamic global communications company operating in 17 countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. We cover more than half a billion people and serve more than 68 million customers.

In Kuwait, we employ nearly 1,000 talented people, all of whom lead Ooredoo to be the number one choice for world-class telecom services in Kuwait. In the face of intense competition, increasingly sophisticated technology and increasing customer expectations, nothing is more important to our success than our team – a team you can be a part of.

Ooredoo’s future is bright, and you can be part of our continued success.

Advise Ooredoo on dealings with the regulator and other relevant bodies. Influencing the development of the regulatory framework in Kuwait; Ensuring that Ooredoo is in an ideal position to operate effectively.

Main responsibilities and activities:

Understand and advise on the regulatory environment and ensure that Ooredoo is able to operate with maximum effectiveness within it.
– Contributes to the MNP (Mobile Number Portability) project, follow-up on results and submit necessary and regular progress reports
– (Senior) Study and Monitoring Follow-up of spectrum allocation, use of frequencies and addressing issues of external interference.
– (Senior) Contributes to giving ideas to assist the Senior Manager of the organizational roadmap and strategic plans of the company
– (large) to deal with the definition of the scope of the definition of the scope
– Handling post-launch issues MNP
– (Senior) Direct handling of customer complaints through MOC
– (Senior) Prepare statistical analysis data collection and validate statistics required from management, MOC and CSB
– Apply for new number ranges to accommodate Ooredoo sales requirements with cost-feasibility assessment and current usage analysis
Create a tracking and monitoring database for MOC payments. The correctness of the information and payment details are also checked and reviewed to match them with the relevant decisions in coordination with the Finance
Contributes to giving ideas to assist the manager of the organizational roadmap and strategic plans of the company
– Conducting an impact assessment and following up on any tariff changes including international tariff and roaming adjustments from the Ministry of Commerce
Contribute to submitting specifications for technical procedures and follow-up with the Ministry of Communications (Ministry of Communications) on the process of sharing the current site/site and suggesting best practices to the municipal council and coordinating with the Ministry of Commerce to address all concerns.
Follow up with MOC to provide the network expansion requirements needed to upgrade capacity, systems, frequency requirements and provide an alternative solution if possible to accommodate the growth in traffic
– Follow-up with the ministries with the relevant internal parties to provide the necessary procedures and policies for any value-added services that have an impact on the general regulation.
Follow up with Finance department to ensure smooth transaction of MOC payments with MOC and validity of invoice information
Regular engagement with regulatory partners internally and with counterparts in the regulatory department of other operators in order to determine the submission of formalities and approval requirements and to prepare regulatory reports as per established schedule
– Follow up on all requests of the Ministry of Commerce and ministries, official decrees and laws.
Assist in the creation of applicable reports and responses to regulatory authorities. Follow up and interact with regulatory authorities to deliver the process.
– Follow the directions set by the Director of Regulatory Affairs in dealing with the supervisory authority and other relevant bodies.
Meet quality and performance KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with supporting documentation.
Ensure that senior management is informed of all critical issues related to the area for which they are responsible.
Provides regular reports (monthly, making standard reports and detailing them when necessary.
– (Large) Establishment of engagement mechanism for the Joint Review Committee process which relates to interconnection usage reports, coordination and making necessary preparations for renewal of interconnection, IOT (Inter-Operator Tariff) reports, meetings, disputes and conflict resolution
Provides assistance and assistant to the Director of Regulatory Affairs for day-to-day business issues to be part of the lobbying team for a separate IGW (International Gateway)
Be part of the MNP . Project Steering Team
Part of the cost modeling project team (including initiation phases, implementation planning, monitoring/monitoring and closing phases as well as regular review

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Prepare and manage a project plan that covers at least the following topics:
Sales plans
Marketing plans
Technical plans
– Product Development
Customer care plans
– Communication plans
– Estimates of competition movements and alternative ways to deal with them
Resource plans
– timetables
Planning how to manage and lead the project
Take responsibility for proactive self-improvement by staying well informed of developments, knowledge, and innovations in the relevant area of ​​expertise.
Other duties as directed by the manager or other superiors.

3-4 years of professional experience required in regulatory filings for telecom business.
Knowledge of commercial legislation, legal environment of communications, interconnection between telecom operators, telecommunications code
Ability to work in a diverse multicultural and multinational work environment, exhibiting appropriate sensitivities
Good knowledge of MS Office applications such as Excel, Word, etc.
Good knowledge of business writing
– Fluency in Arabic and English, both written and verbal
– Strong analytical skills
– Strong negotiation skills
– Strong interpersonal communication skills
Strong computer skills (good knowledge of Outlook, Excel, Word, PM and Visio)

Bachelor’s degree, engineering/business or legal or related discipline and appropriate registration with a recognized professional institute.

We are a leading international telecommunications company providing mobile, fixed, broadband and managed services to businesses tailored to meet the needs of consumers and businesses across markets in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. As a community-focused company, we are guided by our vision of enriching people’s lives and our belief that we can stimulate human growth by leveraging connections to help people achieve their full potential.

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Formerly known as The Qtel Group, we have a customer base of $92.9 million and revenue of $9.3 billion in 2012.

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