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Another summary
Educate and guide students aged 13-18 under a defined curriculum to develop students’ physical activity and health. A high school teacher is required to promote the social and emotional development of students.

Main areas of responsibility
• Supporting, supporting and clarifying the mission and vision of Al Shoumoukh International School.
• Support and adhere to the Code of Conduct, policies and procedures for Al Shomookh International School. Maintain confidentiality regarding school matters.
• Contribute to the education of students according to their educational needs and potential for achievement.
• Implementation and follow-up of approved disciplinary interventions.
• Develop and enforce codes of conduct and procedures to maintain order among students for whom they are responsible.
• Organizing classroom presentations and learning resources.
• Planning and implementing lessons that follow the prescribed curriculum.
• Develop and enforce codes of conduct and procedures to maintain order among students for whom they are responsible.
• Guide through lectures, discussions and presentations in one or more subjects such as English, Mathematics or Social Studies.
• Setting clear goals for all lessons, units and projects, and communicating these goals to students.
• Integrating diverse and varied teaching. Adapting teaching methods and learning materials to meet the diverse needs and interests of students.
• Plan and implement activities for a balanced program of teaching, explanation, and working time that provides students with opportunities to observe, question, and investigate.
• Assess, evaluate and assign appropriate work to students.
• Prepare, administer and classify tests and assignments to assess students’ progress.
• Observe the exams and abide by the exam rules.
• Prepare work cover for other employees in case of absence. Preparing materials and classrooms for classroom activities.
• Collaborate with other teachers and administrators in developing, evaluating and reviewing high school programs.
• Maintain effective communication with all stakeholders including parents, students, colleagues and department heads. Participation in school, staff, group or other associations or meetings.
• Contribute to IEP conferences and formally selected student reviews. Ensure that the contact book is updated daily in appropriate cases. Collaborate with parents, special educational needs coordinator, and other student support.
• Contribute to the development and implementation of the Individualized Education Plan or Individualized Behavior Plan for the identified students.
• Participate in continuing professional development and needs assessment.
• Promote high standards of professional practice through peer review and observation.
• Provide extracurricular activity once a week after school. Provide opportunities for education outside the classroom.
• Maintain accurate and complete student records. Class attendance and student progress.
• Engage in personal and professional development to ensure comprehensive knowledge of all aspects related to the field of education.
• Uphold professional integrity at all times, good judgment, confidentiality, loyalty and trust while performing all duties. Demonstrate a high level of professional competence in all areas of responsibility.
• Attend school sponsored activities. Use appropriate and effective techniques to encourage community and parental participation.
• Sponsoring extracurricular activities such as clubs, student organizations and academic competitions.
• Coordination with the Head of Trips and Activities to plan student trips.
• Perform administrative duties such as assisting in school libraries, monitoring hall and cafeteria, loading and unloading buses.
• Set expectations for students, staff and parents. Aiming to achieve and maintain an excellent rating from the Ministry of Education and other relevant bodies with positive use of the data available from the management information system.
• Maintain a work schedule that increases the availability of the school, students, and families.
• Communicate with parents through the parental portal on a regular basis and you must respond to parents’ messages within 24 hours.
• Ensure that students’ daily and weekly assessment results are uploaded to iCampus before the end of the week.
• Required to attend duties assigned by the Supervising Head.

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Bachelor of Physical Education
• At least two years’ experience as a physical education teacher in schools. Institute, fitness centers and training organizations will not be counted.
• feminine
• Years of experience must be proven with official letters issued by previous employers

Al Shomookh International School (SIS) is a new global K-12 school in Muscat. The school was opened by Global Education Services (GES) for the 2015/2016 academic year in Al Hail.

A new school has been established and, in addition to the international curriculum and excellent staff, the school intends to become one of the distinguished international schools in Muscat. It will attract students from both the local Omani community and the expatriate community. Both will be rewarded with a first-class educational experience.

The school will be a beacon of international educational excellence for local and expatriate male and female students using English as a medium of instruction. Classes have a maximum of 25 students.

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