Parents urged to protect their children against cyber threats

Manama, May 16 (BNA): Parents are urged to educate their children about the dangers of using social media applications and electronic game applications of all kinds.

They were also advised to follow up on their children continuously and make sure of the applications they use, in addition to educating them on ways to behave properly when they are exposed to any threat or danger.

The Cyber ​​Child Protection Unit in the Cyberspace of the General Directorate for Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security issued the advisory

The unit indicated that it had received reports stating that unknown persons from outside Bahrain used fake names and accounts in these applications, with the aim of exploiting and blackmailing children by threatening them to publish previous conversations or private photos obtained from the child’s account on the application. who uses it.

Parents are advised to submit an official report on such violations or threats by informing the unit in person, calling the hotline (992) or sending an email to the unit ([email protected]) to take the necessary legal measures to preserve the rights of the child and his family.



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