NIHR Chairman praises Bahrain’s achievements in protecting workers’ rights

Manama, May 1 (BNA) The President of the National Institution for Human Rights, Ali Ahmed Al-Darazi, congratulated all workers in the Kingdom of Bahrain on Labor Day, praising their dedicated efforts in serving the comprehensive development process. Under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and with the support of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister.

Al-Darazi stressed the workers’ right to a safe and secure work environment in which all labor rights confirmed by national legislation and international labor standards are guaranteed, in order to achieve the sustainable development goals of the three production parties.

The President of the National Institution for Human Rights praised the high ranks obtained by the Kingdom of Bahrain within the reports on human development and women’s participation issued by the World Bank, the United Nations Development Program and the International Labor Organization, in appreciation of the Kingdom’s achievements in the field of workers’ rights, in general, and the measures taken to protect workers’ rights during the pandemic. Corona virus in particular, as well as her affirmation of the right to work for all.

Al-Darazi stressed that the National Institution for Human Rights spares no effort in following up and monitoring the extent of compliance with international conventions and treaties ratified by the Kingdom regarding the protection of workers’ rights, calling for commitment to preserve those rights.

He also called for cooperation between the three production parties and the strengthening of community partnership in order to protect the rights of national and expatriate workers.

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