Industry Ministry launches 2nd Edition of eCommerce Champion Overseas programme

Manama, June 12 (BNA): The Ministry of Industry and Commerce launched the second edition of the eCommerce Champion Overseas programme.


The programme was launched in cooperation with Export Bahrain, and the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance, with the participation of a number of private entities.


The programme aims to support exports through eCommerce and contribute to the qualification and spread of companies and commercial institutions in this sector. It also aims to enhance the contribution of eCommerce to exports and push institutions and companies towards digital transformation.


Maram Al Mahmeed, Director of Information Systems Directorate at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, said that the first edition of the programme drew 78 participants who represented 43 companies and institutions. 


She noted that the programme will feature seminars on eCommerce and export, highlighting the experiences of leading companies in the sector, including the challenges faced and how they overcame them. The programme will also cover the creation of a successful online store and the company’s experience with exporting through eCommerce.




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