NSSA participates in Space4Women: Progress and Updates meeting

New York, June 19 /BNA/: At the invitation of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), the National Space Science Authority (NSSA) represented the Kingdom of Bahrain in the “Space4Women: Progress and Updates” meeting on the sidelines of the 66th session of the United Nations Committee on the Use of Space Outside for Peaceful Purposes (Cobus).

Engineer Aisha Al-Haram, a member of the Bahrain Space Team, was delegated to attend the meeting. She was among those selected as part of the 2023 mentor program for “Space4Women,” one of the initiatives that supports the empowerment of women in the space sector.

She expressed her gratitude to the National Social Security Authority for the opportunity to participate in this important meeting, noting Bahrain’s keenness to empower women and the authority’s efforts to achieve gender equality in this promising sector.

She added, “I am proud to represent Bahraini women in the ‘Space for Women’ initiative and to highlight their ability to lead in all sectors.”

During the meeting, Niklas Heydmann, Acting Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), emphasized the importance of empowering women and promoting gender equality within the framework of the “Space4Women” initiative.

The meeting concluded with an update by UNOOSA’s Veronica Sisko on the mentorship program for “Space4Women,” showcasing the experiences of female speakers in programs under the initiative.

The percentage of women working in the space sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain is 65%, and the percentage of women in leadership positions in the same sector is about 67%. Which is considered the highest in the world among the international space agencies.

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