Wildfires in Greece burn for fifth day as another heatwave hits

Athens, July 22 (BNA): Greece struggled to contain a forest fire west of Athens that burned forests for a fifth day on Friday as another heat wave hit the country.

Firefighters, supported by aerial bombers and reinforcements from Cyprus, France, Israel and Italy, tried to control the blaze that broke out in the wider Athens area on Monday, destroying homes and forcing evacuations.

“We are continuing to fight the fires west of Athens. We are concerned about a major re-ignition,” a fire service official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

More than 100 homes and businesses have been badly damaged by this wildfire and another near Athens that authorities put out earlier in the week.

On Friday, the government announced relief measures for affected families, including financial aid and subsidies for renting homes.
Two other forest fires on the island of Rhodes and in the Laconia region of southern Greece were eased on Friday.

Climate Crisis Minister Vassilis Kikilias urged people to stay alert. The risk of wildfires in the coming days will remain high and more heat is expected following the previous heat wave.


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