Pope Francis condemns burning of Quran

Dubai, July 3 (BNA): His Holiness Pope Francis said that the burning of the Muslim Quran angered him, disgusted him, and condemned him, refusing to allow this act as a form of freedom of expression.

“Any book considered sacred must be respected out of respect for those who believe in it,” the pope said in an interview with the Emirati newspaper, Al-Ittihad, published on Monday. “I am outraged and disgusted by these actions.”

Reuters quoted the Pope as saying that freedom of expression should never be used to disrespect others, and to allow this is unacceptable and condemned.

He stressed that the future of interfaith cooperation is based on the principle of reciprocity, respect for the other and the truth.

He added, “Today we need peace builders, not weapons makers. Today we need peace builders, not instigators of conflict. We need firefighters, not arsonists. We need advocates of reconciliation, not those threatened with destruction.”


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