Academic cooperation between Bahrain and Türkiye discussed

Manama, June 16 (BNA): The President of the University of Bahrain, Dr. Fouad Mohammed Al-Ansari, received the Turkish Ambassador, Esen Çakil, and discussed prospects for academic and research cooperation.

Dr. Al-Ansari reviewed the future development plans of the university, including the establishment of the Yunus Emre Institute to accommodate large numbers of students and increase the number of teachers, in addition to supporting activities and events.

The two sides discussed ways of cooperation to benefit from scholarships offered by Turkish universities, and to increase the participation of students in exchange trips to and from Turkey and Bahrain.

Dr. Ansari noted the scientific and cultural activities that took place previously between the university and the various Turkish institutions, to exchange knowledge experiences, and to produce joint scientific research between universities.

“The University of Bahrain was keen to establish cultural centers for languages, including the Yunus Emre Center for teaching the Turkish language at the university,” he said, referring to the center’s interest in teaching students the Turkish language, heritage and arts.

The ambassador affirmed the commitment to continue strengthening the joint relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of Turkey in various educational and academic fields.


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