North Carolina Parliament hails MoI’s efforts in implementing the Maan programme

Washington, July 4 (BNA): Parliamentarians from North Carolina praised the efforts of the Minister of Interior in enhancing community security, especially in implementing the Together Against Violence and Addiction program.

Tim Moore, Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives and Rep. John Hardester, appreciated the cooperation between the ministry, the University of North Carolina and the DARE organization to develop and evaluate the program in middle and high schools to promote peaceful coexistence and combat extremism.

The results of the evaluation indicate that Bahraini students benefit from the curricula and programmes. They also demonstrate positive tolerance, coping skills, and behaviours. Maan succeeded in motivating DARE’s missions to spread awareness programs to protect young people around the world from violence and hate.

Representative Hardester supervised the presentation of the results of the evaluation, which was organized for the ministry’s delegation, headed by Director Ma’an Ali Amini. The US official briefed the audience on the fruitful international cooperation between Bahrain and the United States to conduct new research to promote peaceful coexistence and combat extremism.

He praised the academic cooperation between the two sides to identify future challenges and protect the safety of students around the world.


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