Derasat invites researchers, academics to join its library, Think Talk series

Manama, Aug. 19 (BNA): The Bahrain Centre for Strategic, International and Energy Studies (Derasat) is delighted to invite researchers and academics to become members of the renewed Derasat Library experience, which offers them access to a vast collection of resources, including books, research papers, reports, and multimedia materials.  


This exceptional repository of knowledge will enable scholars to delve into diverse subjects, broaden their understanding, and enhance their research capabilities.


“I am delighted to announce this opportunity for researchers and academics to join the Derasat Library and actively contribute to our intellectual community.  By becoming members, they will have access to a wealth of resources that spans various disciplines, such as politics, economics, social sciences, and international relations, among others,” as stated by Shaikha Nayla bint Ali Al-Khalifa, Director of Communications and Knowledge Management at Derasat.


The Derasat Library boasts a comprehensive range of research materials, covering a wide variety of strategic topics.  Researchers and academics can explore cutting-edge literature, historical references, and expert analyses to enrich their scholarly pursuits.


She added, “Members will have access to a centralised and curated platform for scholars to access reliable and relevant academic resources.  We encourage the Bahraini academic community to take advantage of these resources to aid in shaping a positive change in their respective fields.”  Moreover, a dedicated team at the Derasat Library is available to offer research guidance, recommend relevant resources, and facilitate access to valuable information. 


Besides membership opportunities, Derasat continues to organise its Think Talk series.  These engaging and thought-provoking lectures bring together experts, scholars, and thought leaders to explore a range of strategic topics.  Think Talk lectures are a platform for sharing insights, presenting research findings, and discussing pressing global issues, in which researchers and academics are encouraged to actively participate, in order to foster intellectual growth and contribute to the broader academic community.  Active involvement will not only strengthen their own expertise, but also contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the formulation of well-informed strategies.

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