Joint executive-legislature committee discusses restructuring subsidy system

Manama, June 25 (BNA): The government support system took center stage today, during a joint coordination meeting between the executive and legislative branches.

The meeting dealt with ways to restructure the government support system to ensure that support is directed to those who deserve it, and was attended by First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Representative Abdul Nabi Salman, First Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council, Jamal. Mohammed Fakhro and Minister of Parliament Affairs Ghanim bin Fadl Al-Buainain.

On the government side, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning, Wael bin Nasser Al-Mubarak, the Minister of Social Development, Osama bin Ahmed Al-Asfour, the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Hamad bin Faisal Al-Maliki, and the Minister of Housing and Urban Planning. Amna bint Ahmed Al-Rumaihi.

Members of the Shura and Representatives offices also represented the legislative authority during the coordination meeting.

The joint committee agreed during the meeting that the principle of its work is to ensure that government support is directed to the most deserving citizen.

The committee stressed that the ultimate goal is to ensure the optimal use of the funds allocated for support in the state’s general budget.

The Joint Executive and Legislative Committee also stressed that direct subsidies provided to qualified citizens should always be an incentive to productivity in all fields, and an impetus for career advancement by taking advantage of available opportunities for professional development.


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