Bahrain Polytechnic students design solar-powered electric car

Manama, July 18 (BNA): A team of third-year mechanical engineering students at Bahrain Polytechnic designed and built a four-seater electric car powered by solar energy.

The vehicle was tested on the college campus in the presence of Professor Kieran Okohan, CEO of the Polytechnic, and Dr. Christina Georgeantopoulou, Dean of the College of Engineering, along with many faculty and students.

The car is fitted with solar panels on its roof, allowing it to capture and convert sunlight into clean, renewable energy, enabling fast charging.

The car can reach speeds of up to 30 km / h. The students worked to ensure that the car design was safe, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. To achieve this, they used PVC plastic tubing in the design of the structure.

During the test drive, both the CEO and the dean of the college expressed their great admiration for the car’s performance. The car demonstrated exceptional performance and stability, providing a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. The car not only serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles, but also provides a dynamic driving experience.

“Bahrain Polytechnic is proud to announce the solar-powered electric vehicle, which will soon be officially approved for indoor use within the Polytechnic campus. This provides an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to embrace sustainable transportation options at a lower cost,” said Professor O’Cauhan.

Bahrain Polytechnic affirmed its commitment to promoting a culture of sustainable development and inspiring its students to lead the use of renewable energy technologies.

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They emphasized that the successful completion of the solar-powered electric car project is testament to the institution’s dedication to experiential learning and academic excellence.


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