Treating teachers with respect is a top priority, Education Ministry

Manama, June 30 (BNA): The Ministry of Education said in a statement that treating educational staff, especially teachers, with respect is one of our top priorities.

The ministry indicated that it is directly concerned with dealing with any defamation of teachers or workers in the field of education through official and legal means.

“Teachers have their status, which must be preserved and appreciated,” she said, noting that she does not tolerate any targeting of the educational staff.

In this regard, she indicated that the electronic attacks and allegations that targeted a number of teachers and schools to discredit them were proven false after investigation, and their falsity was exposed through legal and judicial procedures.

The statement indicated that “the ministry’s doors remain open to receive any complaints or observations about any subject that requires follow-up or investigation, through communication channels available to the public.”

The ministry affirmed that it investigates daily the complaints it receives and takes the necessary measures, stressing at the same time that it welcomes objective and constructive criticism that does not target people and does not affect their dignity.

She expressed her appreciation to the Public Prosecution and the honest Bahraini judiciary, with sincere thanks to all teachers and workers in the field of education for their efforts that contributed to the success of the academic year and the implementation of the plans and projects set by the Ministry.


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