Giants-Reds suspended with game tied in 8th

SAN FRANCISCO July 18 (BNA): After a delay of an hour and 55 minutes due to weather, Monday’s game between the visiting San Francisco Giants and Cincinnati Reds is halted and the score is tied at 2-2.

The game will resume 90 minutes prior to the regular Tuesday game at 5:40 p.m.

Reuters reported that the competition would pick up with San Francisco taking the lead in eighth place and ranking in second, third and one.

Before it rained out, the teams met for four singles home runs.

Giants’ outfielder Logan Webb has held the Reds to four hits — including a pair of hits on his own — over seven innings, throwing just 86 pitches in the process. Webb was pulled after the seventh when the game went into a weather delay. He hit seven and didn’t walk.

Assuming Webb doesn’t return to the field when the game resumes on Tuesday, it will be the 14th straight San Francisco game in which she has allowed three or fewer runs in her start.

The Reds took a 1-0 lead in Matt McClain’s eighth home game of the season, with a two-way crossed shot to the right. It also marked the first time Webb had yielded a run to the Reds in his career, as he capped 13 innings over the previous three games (two starts).

The Giants tied it up when Austin Slater belted out Brandon Williamson’s 442-foot power stacks right center field with two outs in the third.

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Wilmer Flores hit a home run of the ninth on the bench left field to open the sixth and give the Giants a 2-1 lead.

The two solo home runs were the only two runs Williamson allowed more than six innings, giving the lefty rookie a good start in his second career home run.

Webb, who bowled his first career complete match on July 9, was on his way to victory before India won with his 14th – tied for the team lead – with two outs in the seventh.

Heavy thunderstorms in the area delayed the game in the top of the eighth after a short walk by Joc Pederson and Flores doubled it to third without Alex Young out for the Reds.

Michael Conforto grounded first, and prevented the runners from scoring before a tarp was laid over the infield and the game was stopped.

The contest also marked the major league debut for another Cincinnati prospect, Christian Encarnacion-Strand. The 23-year-old rookie, who was batting at number seven and serving as the designated hitter, flied out and settled two of his at-bats.


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