Labor Minister opens annual conference

Manama, June 21 (BNA): Labor Minister Jamil bin Muhammad Ali Humaidan inaugurated the annual leadership forum under the title “Think Like a CEO”, which will be held from June 21 to 22.

The two-day event was organized by the Origin Group, in the presence of its CEO, Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Al Banna, with the participation of HR experts from Bahrain and abroad.

The conference aims to develop leaders from national cadres in the development of human resources, in light of the acceleration of technology and artificial intelligence, and the development of young leaders, which is one of the most important pillars of development and linking it to technology.

The conference reviewed the most prominent leadership problems, including making difficult decisions during crises, managing work teams and finding appropriate solutions. He also reviewed successful experiences in this context.

Humaidan stressed the importance of the theme of this year’s conference, pointing out that developing national competencies and upgrading them to leadership levels to lead the production process is reflected positively on the sustainability of improving productivity levels in institutions, because the qualified national leadership component represents a real right. capital in development paths. He highlighted the successful experiences of institutions that relied on Bahraini competencies that advanced in their career ladder to assume advanced leadership positions.

Dr. Al-Banna said that this conference aims to hone the skills of young administrative leaders, especially from the category of the future generation, who will become leaders and managers to lead companies, institutions and bodies in the future in the public and private sectors. .

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The Minister of Labor honored the institutions and companies participating and supporting the conference, in addition to the institutions that have achieved success stories in developing their cadres thanks to the provision of vocational and specialized training, especially for the youth group among them, with the aim of providing them with professional skills to lead their institutions towards excellence and success.

This year’s conference will discuss the latest simulation methods in hands-on training. It will also review the best models, practices and labor experiences presented by a group of experts and specialists in the field of upgrading the skills of leaders in various government and private institutions.


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