Mohamed bin Abdullah chairs BRCS board meeting

Manama, July 13 (BNA): Lieutenant General Dr. Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa chaired the regular meeting of the Bahrain Red Crescent Society’s Board of Directors.

The Chairman of the Board affirmed the commitment of the Bahrain Red Cross Society to actively contribute to Bahrain’s humanitarian and relief efforts.

He stressed that the community is committed to contributing to initiatives and endeavors aimed at helping those in need inside and outside Bahrain. He pointed out that it plays a crucial role in delivering relief aid to various segments of society, in line with the goals of society, and performs its humanitarian mission.

Dr Sheikh Mohammed praised the commendable performance of the executive body of the PRCS, as well as the dedication shown by all members and volunteers.

He stressed the importance of attracting a larger number of young volunteers, providing them with appropriate training and qualifications, and encouraging their active participation in volunteer and humanitarian work.

He highlighted the need to motivate them to highlight innovation and creativity in providing humanitarian services to society.

During the meeting, various items were presented on the agenda of the Sudanese Red Crescent Society’s Board of Directors, including a comprehensive report by Secretary-General Mubarak Al-Hadi.

The report included important topics, such as the strong partnership between the community and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. This partnership reflects the community’s commitment to providing assistance and support to refugees and host communities worldwide. In addition, the show covered the association’s initiatives in supporting the programs and activities of the Bahrain International Mobility Center.

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Mr. Hassan Ali Juma, the Financial Secretary, presented a summary of the association’s financial position during the period from January to the end of June 2023. The Board received assurances regarding the general financial position of the association.

The Board has approved several voluntary appointments to support the Secretary General in his responsibilities.

Adel Al-Hamad Al-Jar was appointed as Assistant Secretary-General for Committees Affairs, while Huda Abdullah Al-Khawaja was appointed as a consultant for capacity-building and development of the association’s employees and volunteers.

The President of the Society confirmed that the British Red Cross Society has strengthened its international presence through active participation in important conferences and meetings. Among the most prominent events, the fifth consultative meeting between the Islamic Committee and the national societies, the thirteenth general conference of the Palestine Red Crescent Society, the nineteenth meeting of the committee of heads of Red Crescent bodies and societies in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and the preparatory meeting for senior officials.

A report was also presented on the foreign assistance provided by the association to the Sudanese and Syrian people, which included the distribution of basic necessities such as food, shelter, medical aid and educational materials to the affected people in these countries.

The Secretary-General affirmed the strong commitment of the Red Crescent Society to work under the supervision of the Board of Directors with the aim of improving the performance of the Society and achieving its noble humanitarian vision.

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It was emphasized that society attaches great importance to voluntary work as a fundamental pillar in achieving its goals. Furthermore, the community actively focuses on training volunteers in diverse humanitarian tasks and responsibilities, enabling them to provide first-class humanitarian services in accordance with internationally recognized standards.


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