Bahrain’s goal to increase mangrove trees discussed 

Manama, July 19 (BNA): Minister of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture Wael bin Nasser Al-Mubarak received members of the Rotary Club of Manama.

The minister discussed planting mangroves and a plan to quadruple their number by 2035, within the framework of Bahrain’s afforestation plan to double the number of trees by 2035 and quadruple the number of mangroves, according to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). .

He stressed Bahrain’s goal of increasing its number of trees from 1.8 million to 3.6 million by 2035, with mangroves increasing from 400,000 trees to 1.6 million by then and reaching zero by 2060 through the afforestation project.

The minister stressed the importance of mangroves and their vital role in combating climate change as one of the foundations of the blue economy and their contribution to improving fish stocks and water purification, and they have many environmental benefits that help preserve the ecosystem.

Al-Mubarak said, “Bahrain was able to plant 150,000 trees in 2022, at a rate of 110% of the declared goal, and we are now moving towards achieving the declared goal for 2023.”

“We have also succeeded in planting 110,000 mangroves in 2022, achieving 100% of its stated goal, as we aim to meet the stated planting target for 2023.”

Al-Mubarak affirmed the success of the national nursery project for mangrove cultivation, pointing to the ministry’s success in building many farms that produce large numbers of these trees in a number of locations such as Ras Al-Mamtla, Dohat Arad, Tubli, Duraz and the south. From Dora and the case of Naim Salad and Ras Hayyan and others.

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He stressed the importance of cooperation with civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations to promote the importance of agriculture and raise awareness of its environmental and nutritional benefits.

The minister praised the club for its support for the project of planting mangroves, which contributes to preserving the marine environment.

Hussain Jaafar Makki, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources, discussed the famous gray mangrove forests in Bahrain known as “Avicenna Marina”, highlighting their environmental benefits, their life cycle and their distinction in absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide and breathing it through aerial roots. . Referring to the history of the mangroves, he mentioned that they date back to the Taylose civilization.

Renuka Ravindran, President of the Rotary Club of Manama, emphasized the club’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and said they are working on a partnership with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture to plant mangroves.


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