Bahrain takes lead in Global Gender Gap Report

Manama, June 22 /BNA/: Bahrain achieved the highest gender parity ratio in the GCC countries after the United Arab Emirates, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2023 issued by the World Economic Forum.

Bahrain ranked first in the world in four of the sub-indicators monitored by the report, which are the literacy rate, educational attainment and sex ratios at birth.

And it recorded a remarkable progress in the ranking, as it rose 18 ranks compared to last year’s report, as it reached the 113th position this year.

Bahrain scored 66.6% in closing the gender gap compared to the global average of (68%). The Kingdom’s ranking improved at the level of the Middle East and North Africa region, as it rose by six ranks compared to last year’s report, making it the third in the region.

The report’s indicator measures the global gender gap with the aim of reducing it and thus achieving the required balance in terms of women’s participation in sustainable development.

Covering 146 countries this year, the report discusses four main components (sub-indicators) of the index: economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment.

As for the main axes, Bahrain’s ranking increased by 38 ranks in political empowerment, to reach the 99th rank globally. Its ranking also increased by 9 places in terms of economic participation and opportunities, to reach the 122nd rank globally.

The report showed the impact of the set of policies and measures taken by the Kingdom, which contributed to achieving remarkable progress in political and economic participation. Which led Bahrain, as well as Kuwait and Qatar and achieved advanced results in political empowerment. The report indicated that females represent more than 20% of ministers in Bahrain, Tunisia and Morocco.

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The report also showed that Bahrain is one of the economically developed countries due to its success in bridging the gender gap (72.8%) when it comes to wages for similar work, as it ranked 23rd globally in closing the gap for this indicator out of 146 countries around the world. the world.


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