EU, Japan to deepen chip cooperation

Tokyo, July 3 (BNA): The European Union will deepen its cooperation with Japan in the field of semiconductors, with the countries moving to strengthen control over vital technology for the defense, electronic and automotive industries, the head of industry of the European Union said today, Monday.

Thierry Breton said the EU and Japan will work together to monitor the chip supply chain and facilitate the exchange of researchers and engineers. The EU will also support Japanese semiconductor companies that consider doing business there, including through access to subsidies.

“We think it is very important to secure the supply chain for semiconductors,” Thierry Breton told Reuters in Tokyo, where he is discussing cooperation in the field of chips and artificial intelligence with the government and companies.

Japan is also giving subsidies to revitalize the chip industry, which retains an advantage in materials and equipment but has lost overall global market share, and is subsidizing the Rapidus chip foundry project.

Britton is due to meet Rapidos on Tuesday.

“I think it’s a really important initiative and it goes in the right direction,” he said of the foundry project.

Rapidus’ plans to produce advanced chips rely on support from Leuven, Belgium-based research firm imec, and IBM.

A Japanese government-backed fund last week agreed to buy photoresist JSR Corp. for $6.4 billion to pay for the defects


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