National Action Charter: The Rise of a Nation

Manama, Feb. 14 (BNA): Bahrain’s journey towards a future characterized by the ideals of democracy, more rights, greater development and better opportunities for all began with the vision of the leader.

Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa had an exceptional and clear sense of Bahrain’s destiny in the modern world as a country where no one is left behind or left behind and all people can contribute their abilities to building a more modern and advanced nation.

It all officially started on October 3, 2000, when he opened the new session of the Shura Council, in his address to the nation he outlined the main features for starting a new stage in Bahrain’s political, social and economic future.

Words soon followed, and on November 23, he issued Decree No. 36 forming a national committee to draft the National Action Charter, the covenant document and the pillar of the new political, social and economic life in Bahrain.

The committee was composed of 44 of the best Bahraini men and women who represented the various segments and components in the country.

They sat together and made use of their knowledge, experience and expertise to draft the charter – a document that should define Bahrain’s vision as it should and can be.

Over the course of hours and days, they laid down the main principles, foundations and goals of the reform process.

The charter dealt with the basic premises of Bahraini society, the goals and foundations of governance, and the basic rights and freedoms of Bahraini citizens. The foundations on which the family, society and civil society organizations, education, culture, science and work are based as a right and an obligation.

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Once the charter was finalized amid growing enthusiasm and great anticipation by the people about what the future holds for Bahrainis, it was put forward to the nation.

Bahraini men and women overwhelmingly and freely supported her, with 98.4 percent of voters backing her in a resounding victory for bringing about major changes.

It was warmly and immediately welcomed by all peace-loving countries and international institutions.

The charter was a Bahraini idea drafted by Bahrainis and supported by Bahrainis. The move was for far-reaching reforms from within, not imposed on the country. It contained all the ingredients for success and the audacious dream of reforms across society became an unrelenting reality.

By adopting diverse and comprehensive reforms, Bahrain has adopted gradualism and steadfastness to spare the country any pitfalls.

Bahrain, under the leadership of His Majesty the King, has adopted an integrated approach to achieve comprehensive development, taking into account the political, economic and social equation in all its aspects.

Bahrain believes in democracy and development as twin pillars for building prosperity, and has worked to build a balanced and open society that supports coexistence, dialogue and harmony and rejects extremism and terrorism.

The charter launched a new era of political and democratic reform under a modern constitutional monarchy, the rule of law based on justice and transparency, and the separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers and their cooperation in accordance with the constitution.

Reforms extended to the political, economic, social and cultural fields according to a process that took into account democratic developments, economic data, social aspirations, national resources and the Kingdom’s potential, and completed them in cooperation with partners and friends to support the homeland. driving.

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The charter and the constitution that followed it also led to the guarantee of public and personal freedoms, equality in rights and duties, freedom of political, social, educational, cultural and professional associations and syndicates, the consolidation of economic freedom, the diversification of income sources and the protection of the environment.

Parliamentary and municipal elections, which have been held every four years regularly since 2002, are held with full fairness and transparency, under judicial supervision, and with a large attendance.

The successful presence of Bahraini women in all democratic rights, including members of Parliament and municipal councils, is a tribute to the political empowerment of women, led by the Supreme Council for Women led by the President of the Council, Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, wife of His Majesty King Hamad, and the active participation in decision making process.

Under the charter, Bahrain has achieved a quantum leap in respect for human rights, freedoms, equality and equal opportunities for all citizens without any discrimination based on gender, religion, origin or belief.

The charter also takes pride in guaranteeing freedom of the press, media and expression without allowing incitement to religious or sectarian hatred, violence or terrorism.

The charter also allowed Bahrain, under the leadership of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and his wise policy internally and externally, to strengthen its pioneering position as a model of good governance and comprehensive and sustainable development, and to support the efforts of the state. The international community in maintaining peace, stability and security and combating extremism, intolerance and terrorism.

In essence, the Pact promoted religious tolerance, mutual acceptance, and peaceful coexistence. Non-Muslims had political representation as well as a high-ranking presence.

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Today, after 22 years, Bahrain proudly celebrates the democratic achievements, human rights freedoms, and steady integrated development that emanated from the National Action Charter.

Bahrainis, young and old, view the referendum charter with deep pride, great patriotism, and complete loyalty to their leaders.

The consensus of the people of Bahrain on the National Action Charter strengthened their national unity, solidarity and cohesion and gave them real hopes.

The National Action Charter unleashed Bahrain’s potential, energy and dynamism in various fields, so that Bahrain remains at the forefront.

The Kingdom was making great strides forward, full of expectations and ambitions, and Bahrainis kept pace with the great reform process and built on it, knowing well that their unity – unique and impressive – and their sense of responsibility – based on complete inclusiveness – made them stronger and more determined.

They faced challenges with confidence and confronted intrigues and intrigues, supported by the wise leadership of their king and driven by the success that has become the hallmark of the nation.

Bahrainis remain committed to the noble goals and principles embodied in the Charter: respect for others and non-interference in their affairs, peace and security, friendly relations and international cooperation between nations and peoples.

The anniversary of the National Action Charter is an auspicious memory for Bahrainis to affirm their unwavering patriotism, love for their homeland, and proud loyalty to their king for the outstanding spark that changed Bahrain and brought back a new renaissance for the nation.

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