Mars helicopter snaps rock feature – and has to increase rotor speed

Washington, September 18 (BNA) The German News Agency (dpa) said that the innovative Mars helicopter will have to increase the speed of its rotary blades in the future.

The US space agency NASA has announced that the atmosphere of the red planet will become thinner in the coming weeks due to seasonal factors, the mini-helicopter will have to rotate its rotating blades faster in order to take off and stay in the air.

Since the Ingenuity mission was originally planned for only 30 days, nothing like this had ever been tested on Earth.

NASA said that during upcoming helicopter flights to Mars, the faster rotation of the rotating blades will be carefully tested.

On Friday, NASA announced that during its thirteenth flight, the helicopter captured a three-dimensional image of a rocky feature on the surface of Mars with a diameter of about 10 meters.

Ingenuity landed on Mars at the end of February aboard the Perseverance rover in a perilous maneuver.

In mid-April, it took off for the first time – making it the first air craft to complete a flight on another planet. Meanwhile, the helicopter’s mission has been extended indefinitely.


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