IPU President praises Bahrain’s gender balance model

Manama, April 27 (BNA): The President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Duarte Pacheco, affirmed that gender balance and equality are fundamental pillars of human rights, democracy, peace and development in all its dimensions.

In this regard, he highlighted the progress Bahrain has made in this field, which is reflected in the increasing number of women members of Parliament.

He expressed the IPU’s keenness to promote gender equality and exchange best practices between parliaments.

He stressed that the experience of Bahrain in the field of governance of gender balance applications and the launch of supportive implementation tools has proven useful, indicating that the experience has contributed to increasing the participation of Bahraini women in the national development process, and therefore it can be considered. As a global role model.

The IPU President welcomed the launch of the Parliamentary Guide to Mainstreaming Women’s Needs, which will support the ongoing efforts to achieve gender balance in Bahrain and beyond.

The President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, in a press statement following the forum held by the Supreme Council for Women in cooperation with the Shura Council and the House of Representatives on the sidelines of the 146th session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, indicated that the Kingdom was able to build an integrated model to unify it. And the development of the institutional structure to ensure the sustainability of gender balance and equality, based on its fair constitutional principles, its updated legislative system and effective executive procedures, within the framework of a national plan that has contributed, over the past 23 years, to empowering women to participate directly in the advancement of their homeland.

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Duarte Pacheco affirmed his keenness to spread and adopt international best practices in the field of gender balance, stressing the importance of exchanging expertise and experiences in the areas of equal opportunities and gender balance at the global level, given the fact that global challenges can only be solved through innovation. And proven solutions that take into account successful national experiences.

He emphasized the importance of gender balance in parliamentary work itself, and the need for legislators to understand and promote this fundamental issue so that they can invest the tools and resources in their hands to make the world a more conducive place for the presence of women and. activate their energies.

In this context, he praised the Supreme Council for Women’s launch of the reference guide for parliamentary action to support the role of legislative institutions in monitoring and following up the smooth implementation of national legislation and programs related to women’s issues.

He stressed that the Inter-Parliamentary Union must publish Bahrain’s experience so that member states can benefit from it.


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