India will be most populous country by month’s end, UN says

New Delhi, April 24 (BNA): The United Nations announced today, Monday, that India will be the most populous country in the world by the end of this month, overtaking aging China.

The achievement raises questions about whether India can replicate the economic success that made China the center of the global economy and a leading global power, AP reports.

The news comes at a time when India is promoting itself as a rising international player as host of this year’s G20 Summit. It is also becoming a more attractive destination for multinational companies seeking to reduce their dependence on China.

By the end of April, India’s population is expected to reach 1.425 billion, which means it will match and then surpass mainland China, the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs said in a statement. The projections are based on their most recent estimates of the world’s population.

It is not clear exactly when India’s population will overtake China. You may have already done so. Demographers say the limitations of population data make it possible to calculate history.

Another UN report last week predicted that India would have 2.9 million more people than China by the middle of the year, but that was based on snapshots of the population at the beginning and middle of the year.

Monday’s announcement is based on an analysis that attempted to estimate when the demographic crossover might occur.

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The Indian government, which has not conducted a census since 2011, has not officially commented on the estimates. The timing of when India overtakes China in terms of population is likely to be revised once India conducts its next population census,

John Wilmuth, director of the UN population division, said at a news conference at UN headquarters in New York.


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