HM King receives ambassadors’ credentials

Manama, May 31 (BNA) His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received today the credentials of 12 new ambassadors accredited to the Kingdom of Bahrain during a ceremony held at Sakhir Palace.

The new diplomats are:

  • His Excellency Andrei Luchinok; Belarus

  • His Excellency Jan Reinhold; Estonia

  • Amir Mahrami. Croatia.

  • Your Excellency Marianne Alexander Warba; Austria.

  • His Excellency Halima Abdullah Mahmoud. Kenya

  • His Excellency Archbishop Eugene Martin Nugent; Vatican

  • His Excellency Albino Malongo; Angola

  • Mark Lawrence Donovan Australia

  • His Excellency Coulibaly Drissa; Côte d’Ivoire

  • His Excellency Mamburu Guy Ibrahim. Gabon

  • His Excellency Barnaby Richard Gerard Riley; New Zealand

  • His Excellency Yiannis Michaelides, Cyprus.

At the ceremony, His Majesty the King welcomed the new ambassadors, expressing his pride in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s distinguished relations with their countries.

He wished the diplomats success in assuming their duties, and pledged to provide full support to strengthen relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and their countries.

His Majesty the King sent his personal greetings to the leaders of their countries, wishing them success in their missions and good health and wellness.

We are confident that there will be more teamwork between Bahrain and your countries in the field of joint cooperation and enhancing communication between us. He said that the doors will be opened to any suggestions and ideas that contribute to the rapprochement of relations between us.

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“We believe the world is getting smaller than ever, so there’s nothing stopping us from reaching everyone out and going on the right tracks,” he added.

He said that Bahrain is the kingdom of tolerance, peace and cooperation with the whole world as much as common communication can be achieved, adding that the doors will always be open to enhance joint cooperation as it has always been for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Ago.

His Majesty the King said: “All the civilizations of Bahrain were based on cooperation with the world, and in the past this land was called the world’s port, because it linked the oldest civilizations to each other commercially for the benefit of peoples.” .

His Majesty the King cited Bahrain’s long-standing relations with the people of the Indus, for example, seven thousand years ago, which are historically documented, which indicates common relations, and mutual trade.

“This has turned Bahrain into a country that welcomes everyone from all countries of the world, and feels comfortable in dealing with different cultures,” he said.

Everyone who comes to Bahrain feels the same comfort with people. This is part of our culture and we are proud of that.

The ambassadors conveyed to His Majesty the King the greetings of their heads of state, who wished His Majesty good health and happiness, and the Kingdom of Bahrain and its people continued progress and prosperity. They praised the strong relations that bind their country to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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The ceremony was attended by the King’s personal representative, His Majesty’s representative for humanitarian work and youth affairs, the Minister of the Royal Court, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Chief of Royal Protocols.

The ambassadors arrived at the Sakhir Palace and were received by the head of the royal ceremonies.


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