France awaits constitutional ruling on higher retirement age

Paris, April 14 (BNA): An elite French institution was expected to rule Friday on whether President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to raise the retirement age was constitutional, a decision that could calm or exacerbate opponents of change.

All eyes have been on the heavily guarded Constitutional Council, which could scrap all or parts of Macron’s complex pension reform plan without a vote by the lower house of parliament, according to the Associated Press.

The president’s push to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 sparked months of strikes and labor protests. Violence in pockets of far-left extremists has seen 12 peaceful marches nationwide organized by unions since January.

In addition to ruling on pension reforms, the Constitutional Council will also decide to order lawmakers who oppose the plan to use a long and underused process that could eventually lead to a referendum on a proposal for a statutory retirement age. exceed 62.


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