EWA President announces the successful launch of the new Customer Service System

Manama, Feb. 6 (BNA): The Chairman of the Electricity and Water Authority, Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, announced the successful launch of the new updated customer service system, which comes within the authority’s development strategy during the current stage, with a basic core. Focusing on developing services provided to customers with high quality and efficiency.

He also announced the resumption of all electronic services of the Electricity and Water Authority through all channels, after the successful transition to the new system.

He stressed that the new system is integrated and keeps pace with the latest technologies and developments, in addition to providing many advantages to customers.

In particular, he referred to the introduction of a new and clearer bill, which ensures the delivery of more accurate information to customers, as well as accelerating the pace of work to facilitate the provision of all services to customers with greater efficiency.

He stressed that the launch of the new system is part of a series of development projects implemented by the authority with the aim of working within an integrated and modern smart system.

It includes developing the infrastructure for electricity and water transmission and distribution networks, installing a digital meter project, and working on a project to establish a new control center for electricity and water networks, in order to advance the electricity and water sector. in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

He expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all the authority’s employees for their dedication, efficiency and high professionalism in completing the transformation project, and also thanked all the authority’s customers for their cooperation and understanding during this period.

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