BTEA chief holds meetings in South Korea to attract Korean tourism investments

Seoul, May 15 /BNA/: As part of its relentless efforts to attract more tourism investments around the world, especially from Asia, the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), represented by CEO Dr. Nasser Qaedi, held a conference in Seoul. An intensive round of meetings and negotiations with senior Korean officials and investors in the fields of tourism, hospitality, entertainment and trade to discuss enhancing joint cooperation in the tourism sector and pumping large Korean investments into the Bahraini market.

The meetings were held on the sidelines of the official visit of the high-level Bahraini economic delegation to South Korea, headed by Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro, Minister of Industry and Trade, accompanied by Noor bint Ali Al-Khalif, Minister of Sustainable Development.

BTEA’s visit to South Korea bore fruit by signing a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) to enhance tourism cooperation between the two countries, discover possible opportunities to attract more Korean tourists to Bahrain, and see promising investments in the fields. Hospitality and entertainment in the Bahrain market.

According to Korean officials and businessmen, Bahrain provides a very attractive and friendly investment climate that allows it to attract Korean capital to one of the fastest growing areas, which is tourism.

On this occasion, the President of the Korea Tourism Authority stated: “We are pleased to sign this Memorandum of Understanding with the Bahrain Tourism and Travel Authority which will enhance our strong interest in significantly developing tourism cooperation between South Korea and Bahrain. We are excited to cooperate in all areas related to connecting travel service providers, developing air links, and participating in exhibitions, encouraging more events and media cooperation. We thank BTEA for their strong efforts to engage with Korean tourists and the travel industry. We look forward to visiting Bahrain soon to consolidate these efforts and develop the very strong relations between the two countries.”

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Dr. Nasser Qaidi, CEO of the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority, commented: “We are excited to sign the MoU that will take tourism cooperation to broader horizons with South Korea, which is a very promising market in terms of tourism and entertainment industries. This MoU will certainly help attract direct Korean investments.” We have invited all South Korean tourism-related parties to visit Bahrain and discover its tourism potential.”

In terms of hotels, Dr. Kaidi met with executives from Lotte Hotels & Resorts to explore the group’s expansion in Bahrain. “As one of the leading luxury hotel brands in Asia, we see Bahrain as an ideal entry point into the Middle East market,” said Lotte representatives. We are keen to explore this with the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority as we expand our relationship to expand our brand abroad. Lotte is a leading hotel brand, and Bahrain is an important partner for us.”

Regarding the meetings and events sector, Dr. Kaidi held talks with TMONET, one of the leading events management companies in South Korea, which announced its desire to visit Bahrain to get close to investment opportunities in the Kingdom, and they are ready to intensify their interaction with BTEA. All over the Kingdom, attracting international conferences, and promoting Bahrain on the sidelines of the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix in the near future.

Dr. Kaidi also discussed with Hanator, a leading tour operator in South Korea, possible ways to create special travel packages for Korean tourists. “We are delighted to meet with BTEA to explore opportunities to promote Bahrain as a destination for Korean travelers. As one of the leading tour operators in South Korea, we see Bahrain as an important market in which we look forward to working during our next visit and where we will work with the Tourism Authority to offer packages to Korean travelers.”

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With regard to the entertainment and hospitality sectors, Dr. Qaidi held talks with the Korean theme park “Monoloth” in Seoul in search of the best mechanisms for injecting Korean investments into the Bahraini entertainment sector. Moreover, he held talks with Sulbing food and beverage company.

With regard to the travel and civil aviation sector, Dr. Kaidi with Korean Air representatives the topic of creating special travel packages to Bahrain.

The CEO of BTEA also discussed with the Korea Gem Trade Association (KGTA) opportunities to visit Bahrain this year. KGTA Chairman commented, “We are looking forward to participating in Jewelry Arabia this year in collaboration with BTEA. We are keen to expand our relationship to build links with Gulf markets and jewelers to showcase fine Korean jewelry as well as buy from Bahrain.”


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