Bahrain’s Project Nsuo provides water to nine villages in Ghana  

Bahrain’s Nsuo project provides water to nine villages in Ghana<br />

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Manama, May 15 (BNA) About 62,000 people from nine villages in Ghana have access to clean and safe water thanks to a project launched in Bahrain.

“Nso Project” led by Rotaract Bahrain in cooperation with Rotary International, Rotary Clubs Manama, Salmaniya, Adliya, Seef with Antonit Avila of Good Cause.

A group of philanthropists went from Bahrain to supervise the installation and implementation of a water project in the country.

The group supervised the construction of a water pump, a well, and irrigation canals in the villages.

Rotaract Bahrain President Tanima Chakravorti led the inauguration of water projects with other group members and villagers.

Daboase Village Chief Nana Odikro has expressed his people’s gratitude to Rotaract Bahrain for providing his community with a much-needed water system.

“Thank you so much for helping us because the water we get here is really bad. People drink, and animals go there to drink too. Sometimes, we just can’t control it.”

Nana Faw, a teacher at Dabwasi, also appreciated Rotaract Bahrain’s group for “bringing water” to their village.

“We don’t have any water around. We go to the stream to fetch water and it’s very difficult. But today we have water, thank you,” he said.

While working on the Nsuo project, the Rotaract Bahrain group also visited schools and spent time educating local children and distributing school supplies as well as lunch boxes.

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